PG Memory: Toca Boca

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It is the digital version of the classical game with the finding of two similar cards. There are 11 levels. The first level is very easy. Four cards will be shown for a while, after that they will be turned face up. So the player needs to use their memory to find two similar cards. Each level will increase the number of cards by two. All cards show the characters from the game. Every time they will be mixed, so it will be difficult to find two similar. The player wins when all 11 levels will be passed.

Time to get started!

There are several levels in the game. They are fairly easy at first, but will gradually become more and more difficult. In the first level, there are only a few cards, four in total. So finding a paired one among them won’t be difficult for you. If you turn over two cards but they are not the same, they will flip backwards. If the two cards you have turned over are identical, they will remain face down on the playing field. The next level has six, then eight, and so on. So gradually the number of cards will increase.

It is also quite possible that you will make mistakes because it is very difficult to find two identical cards among a lot of them at random. If you have made a mistake, don’t worry. Just keep looking for the right cards among all the others. The last level is the eleventh and the hardest. If you pass it successfully, you win the game. After you have completed the game, you can go through it again, trying to find the pictures faster. Test your memory and find all the pairs of pictures! Look at the pictures of your favourite characters!

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