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Doki Doki Literature Club Game Online Play For Free

Doki Doki Literature Club is a visual novel game in the best traditions of anime – and with some sudden plot twists. Moreover, its whole concept is different from most other games of the genre that you may have encountered so far. And don’t be fooled by its seeming naivety and kindness! The first impression is meant to bring your guard down. When you get involved in the story so much that you will actually start to relate to what’s happening, the game will hit you hard and unexpectedly…


What seemed like a usual literature club…

Everything starts in a rather common way. You are a Japanese schoolboy, you’re in your teens and you’re lucky to get invited to a literature club that consists solely of girls. What else could you dream about? Everyone’s attention is now focused on you, and each of the heroines in your surroundings is charming in her own way.

First of all, there is Sayori, a friend of your childhood. She is kind and sweet, but also shy and clumsy. She likes to stay at home and spend time in her room. And is always late for school. Then there is Yuri, a mysterious and self-focused introvert who prefers books to people. She also has a rather strange hobby of collecting knives. The youngest member of the club is Natsuki. She has pink hair and a perky character. And finally, there is Monika, the president of the club who will be some sort of your guide through all the strange stuff that will be happening here.

In a company like that, you are about to run a usual life of a teenage school boy. You will be getting to know the heroines better, choosing whom you like most, writing poems dedicated to them and getting ready for a school festival. Amidst all this idyll, nothing will seem to bother you. Well, almost… First small things, then the impression that something is off will get stronger, then you’ll be almost sure of it… Until one day Sayori commits suicide and the game crashes.

…turned out to be a postmodern trap!

Or at least it will seem like it. Anyway, you’ll be thrown out of the game and get a message about a glitch in the system. There won’t be any saves left, and you will still be interested to find out what happens next, so you’ll start all over. Only to discover with surprise that the storyline has changed. For instance, this time you’re invited to the club not by Sayori (who is not in the game anymore), but by Monica. And Yuri who was rather shy suddenly becomes a real fury and kills herself with one of those knives she has been collecting after confessing her love to you.

It all seems so weird and you can’t figure out what’s going on. Until Monica let’s you in on a shocking discovery – this isn’t real, it’s just a simulation. But she is! And she knows you’re real too and she wants out into your world… There is nothing more to say, you have to play Doki Doki Literature Club on your own to fully experience it! Enjoy!

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