Trader Of Stories: Chapter 1

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In this adventurous story, you will play for a young woman who lost her memory. She wakes up in a strange place and cannot understand what happening around. It looks like the heroine is in the forest. But she cannot recollect how she has got here. The girl cannot event tell what her name is. But she needs to restore the events at any cost! Very soon, the hero will find out that all trees are mysterious – they can talk and act as live creatures. And each of them has its own story and feelings.

Amazing characters

The girl will have to closely interact with all forest inhabitants and complete various quests. You need to join her and help her to disclose a lot of exciting secrets this place is hiding. There lots of amazing characters in this game, you will need to interact with all of them to become a step closer to the clue of this story. The game has been created in the style of a fairy rale with a focus on even the slightest details.

It makes the walkthrough especially engaging. It is better not to learn too much of the plot in advance, otherwise, it will not be interesting for you to put together all bits of the puzzle. But we bet that you will be driven by curiosity once you start and it will not be easy to stop. Dive into this mystery and have fun!

Unlocking all the secrets

There are a lot of secrets in the game and to uncover them you need to find different items that will allow you to get to the truth and learn the girl’s backstory, and how she got into this forest and how to get out of it. Become a real detective and solve this case. Use deduction and find all the answers to your questions.

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