Grand Story

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Welcome to a lovely story about an old woman who lives in a nice house in the village. All events unfold during few days before Christmas holidays. The heroine is leading a usual life and impatiently waiting for a letter from her grandson. But the guy is always busy and does not write too often to her great disappointment. His granny feels really lonely. But you can cheer her up – visit her one day to brighten her life. She badly needs support with the daily errands. So roll up your sleeves as a lot of work is awaiting you here. You need to clean the rooms, cook meal, arrange everything in the garden, grow and feed animals. Every day, you will see a list of tasks to be done in the left upper corner of the screen. Start completing them one by one to please the old lady and also to receive experience points. This quest is very engaging. It also comes with a great emotional coloring. Young players will learn that old relatives need their attention very much. Some of them will immediately remember they need to call their grandparents to make them a bit happier. So start playing it now and think how you can brighten up the life of the older and lonely people. There are lots of them around!

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