Doki Doki Literature Club

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Anime games may seem weird, sometimes absurd, sometimes brutal. But they can also strike you with unusual concepts and unexpected plot twists. Doki Doki Literature Club is just like that. Although everything begins as a standard story about another Japanese school, relationships between teens and stuff like that, pretty soon it evolves into something you probably couldn’t imagine…

Literature Club with friends

The whole thing starts when the main hero is being invited to a literature club. He is the only boy there, except him there are four girls. So naturally he becomes the center of attention. For a white, everything goes rather ordinarily – our character takes part in club meetings, discusses various books and is getting ready for a school festival… When suddenly a horrible tragedy happens. One of the club members – the very girl who invited our guy to join it – commits suicide. It turns out she had a severe depression and just couldn’t deal with her hard feelings. The game ends. At least, it seems so. But it’s far from over!

Once you get back to the main menu and restart the game, you’ll see that everything is slightly different. The girl who died is absent now and the hero is being invited to the club by another girl, Monika (she is going to play an important role later). The story seems to go much the same, but you can’t get rid of the feeling that something is off. Moreover, the heroines change too. One of them, who used to be a quiet shy girl, suddenly turns into a highly aggressive psychopath obsessed with the main hero. And when she remains tete-a-tete with him, she confesses her feelings and strikes herself with a knife. And the very moment you start asking yourself what is actually going on here, the answer unexpectedly comes from Monika.

Monika surrounding

She explains to you that all these girls and the whole world surrounding you is just not real. It’s nothing more than a peace of a program code, a simulation where both of you ended up trapped for some reason. And when she is saying that, she isn’t talking to the guy from the game, but to you, the person playing it. This is basically the destruction of the fourth wall. She addresses you as the only link between her and the real world. And you can really feel how lonely and sad she is inside the game. How is it all going to end? Will there actually be a happy ending or maybe there are several of them possible? Play Doki Doki Literature Club online and find out!

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