Doki Doki Monika

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You have surely met a lovely anime girl known as Monika. She is one of the characters of the Doki Doki Literature Club game. Actually, she is a president of this club. In the beginning of the story, Monika is fully immersed in its performance. She supports its members by praising their writing style and comparing them to famous authors and poets. But very soon, this character starts to change. She starts to be manipulative and unpredictable. Why does it happen? It can be easily explained. Amine girl falls in love with the protagonist, who is also the member of her literature community. She develops a treacherous plan, trying to delete all potential rivals. At first, she tries to make all other girls in the game look ugly in the eyes of the main hero.

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When this idea fails, she does not stop and starts to think how to get rid of them. Monika discovers that she can influence the gameplay. She fully realizes that she is just the part of it, and enters the file to corrupt them. It immediately affects other heroes, presenting them in a queer and unfavorable light. What will be the outcome now? It all depends on your actions and decisions. There are many thrilling mini-games here. The culmination of the whole story happens when Monika confesses to the protagonist that she corrupted everything around. The hero will now need to find her personal file and delete her from the plot. Once it happens the girl will disappear, and the game will automatically restart. But wait, all characters are back now, and Monika is again among them! What will happen now? Join the game to see everything with your own eyes! You will love unexpected twists and thrills!

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