Desire: Chapter 1

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The world is a beautiful and vibrant place. It has so many colors caressing the eyes! But not for the main character of this game. He suffers from color blindness since childhood and perceives everything that surrounds him exclusively in black and white. He doesn’t know what the green of the grass and the blue of the sky are, what color is a ripe orange and freshly blossomed roses. He absolutely doesn’t care what kind wallpaper he has in his bedroom or which of the T-shirts to wear today – because they are all the same for him. Such a life must be very sad and bleak.

New way to win

Therefore, our character finds refuge in the world of his fantasies. Being a little boy, it’s not at all difficult for him to imagine just about anything. In his dreams, he travels through amazing dimensions and meets the most incredible characters. Perhaps they will help him find inner peace and discover new facets of life, thanks to which everything will shine for him with much brighter colors than his eyes can ever perceive? Take part in this extraordinary adventure, accompany the boy on his way and help him make the right decisions that will eventually lead him to all the answers!

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