The Magnet: First Night

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What scares us most? Some will say they are afraid of ghosts, others believe in demons, there are those who fear becoming a victim of a serial killer. But all that fades when we face something unknown, something we can explain. After all, the dread of darkness itself might be way stronger than fear of things it may be harboring. This is exactly what you are going to encounter in this atmospheric horror game.

Here you’ll be playing the role of a young girl who finds herself in a big empty mall. She doesn’t have anything with her except for a flashlight and a strange rabbit mask. What is it for? You will find out after you put it on and make the first steps along these dimly lit halls! Beware of the horrors lurking in the shadows and stay alert not to be catch off guard by whatever is hiding out there!

The horrors

The story is about a young girl named Teddy who is trying to hide from the end of the world. The world has been taken over by strange creatures who call themselves ‘horrors’. They do very bad things and people run away from them in a panic. To survive, Teddy hides from them in an old shopping centre hoping that it is completely empty and she won’t meet there any monsters.

The girl hopes she is safe there, but the world has other plans for her. It’s up to you to help the girl survive the cruel world, find new friends and enemies, avoid getting into trouble, and stay alive. The game is a visual novel, where you have to read the text and occasionally choose action choices and phrases. This affects the game’s story and ending, so you must choose carefully and thoughtfully.

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