Friday Night Funkin Vs Monika HD

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Have you ever played with nice characters from Doki Doki Literature Club? These are girls in an anime design. One of them will appear in a new mod of the FNF musical series. Whom Boyfriend meet this time? It is Monika. But wait, she looks a bit differently. And it is true as this time, she was remastered in high definition resolution. Now she is not a simple pixelated image.

Doki Doki Literature Club

All details are worked out thoroughly, she is even a bit taller and more attractive. This change also affected Boyfriend and Girlfriend. So visually, the whole game design has been changed for the better! However, the plot remains the same – Monika will challenge the main hero to a rap battle. The key idea of this confrontation is to demonstrate excellent musical skills. To defeat his opponent, Boyfriend must repeat all the note combinations pressing the arrows floating on the screen.

You will need agility and lightning-fast reaction to become a winner in this dynamic mod. So listen to the music with all your attention not to miss a single beat. Otherwise, your progress bar will immediately turn red, and the game will be over for you. Do your best to outperform Monika and leave her no chance to win! Enjoy the game and good luck!

Some extra features

In the game, you can make mistakes! It is normal if you press something wrong, but you may not make lots of mistakes, otherwise, you will lose the game. In case the task is too complicated for you, you may replay it using the easier mode – there are three of them in the settings. Additionally, you may try to play the levels using the story mode and learn the plot.

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