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The job of a policeman is a dangerous and unpredictable profession. When you are called to the scene of a crime, you always risk your life, because you never know who or what you have to deal with. So the main character of this game went to another task with a gun at the ready. The station received a call about domestic violence, and he rushed to help those in need. Did he know that he would have to face not some sort of a family trouble that is not rare in a multitude of households and not even local criminals, but something much worse?

Scary location

In this fascinating and atmospheric game, you’ll have to conduct a blood-curdling investigation that will cover your back with goosebumps. You will find yourself in an unusual house, where something strange is clearly happening. You are already feeling uncomfortable, your gut tells you it’s time to leave, but as a conscientious policeman, you cannot go away without understanding what the matter is. Carefully inspect the location, notice small details and look for hints that will help you get a complete picture of what is going on. Stay alert, because events threatening your own life can begin at any moment!

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