Trader Of Stories: Chapter 2

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The story of the mysterious forest is not over! The main heroine, Little Willow, now seems to more or less arrange her life. She is fond of storytelling and works as a waitress. But still, strange amnesia attacks bother her from time to time. Sometimes she feels she did not find all the clues to her previous adventure. And her suspicions are confirmed when one day, a weird guest turn up in her place. Now she needs to refresh her investigation and look for more information to fill in her memory gaps. Will she be able to find all the answers? If you can help her go through all the puzzles and quests, there is a chance to dig out all the truth. This chapter appears to be more complicated than the previous one. You will need to rack your brain to find all tips that may help you to move on. There are lots of amazing dialogues here that will get you acquainted with multiple characters and their life stories. Start exploring everything around and click on all objects for further hints. Are you intrigued to know what is the real truth about the main heroine? You will be impressed by excellent graphics and plot twists. Then do not waste any more time – embark on this thrilling adventure immediately!

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