FNF: Monika.Chr Vs Sonic.EXE

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This mod invites you to a new type of rap battle. This time, you will not see Boyfriend. You may be puzzled who will dance in this case on the dancing arena. Everything is easy – two antagonists from previous mods will now confront each other. Can you guess who it is going to be? We can give you only one hint – both characters are creepy enough. So, these are Sonic.exe and Monika!

Monika vs Sonic

As you can imagine, a real fight is about to start in the FNF universe! None of the current versions of the heroes are likeable. Monika will appear in her evil transformation which turns into a real monster, ready to destroy everything around. And Sonic.Exe is a furious version of the famous hedgehog. The voltage level is just off the scale when both of them appear on the stage. In this mode, you will play for an insane hedgehog. And do not underestimate your antagonist. Despite being known as a pretty anime character, the girl is now very aggressive and treacherous. Help the main hero to dance to four awesome tracks. Sonic is not a beginner in the FNF world, so he knows well he needs to dance to the rhythm. But give him even more confidence by pressing the arrows symbols in time. Do your best to get rid of ugly Monika in the shortest possible time.

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