FNF: Monika Sings Week 6

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Do you remember the intense Week 6 of the original FNF series? That time, Boyfriend was dancing against Senpai. But that whole release was reworked into an exciting mod. And the antagonist was also replaced. Now it is Monica, an anime-looking girl from the other game. Despite Boyfriend believes that this time a rap battle will be nice and easy, it turns out that a new adversary is more than dangerous. Monica has already happened to visit the FNF world and know how to dance to impress everyone around. Now, she is determined to take revenge for Senpai and defeat Boyfriend.

Will you come to support the hero as you did dozens of times before? You are well aware of the painful consequences in the case of his failure. The guy will lose his beloved Girlfriend forever. We cannot allow the plot to develop in this unfortunate direction. So it is time to enter the music arena and coordinate the Boyfriend’s moves so that these fully sync with the music rhythm. Are you skilled enough to catch every single song beat? Let’s check it together! Concentrate on the soundtrack and press arrows floating on the screen to match every note. This is the only way to outperform Monika!

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