Toca Life World

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This game lets you enter an alternative reality with different possibilities and opportunities. First of all, you can create the character you like. Give them any appearance, hair color, and clothes. Create their own style. After that, enter the enormous world of the game and start doing the tasks. You get the new tasks every day. If you succeed in doing them, you will get a reward. It can be used for buying new stuff. Additionally, you can ignore the tasks and just explore this world.

Alternative reality

The game world is an exact replica of our world, except that there are a lot more possibilities. Your character won’t just have a room, but an entire flat that you can customise as you see fit. You can wallpaper everything, furnish everything and even get pets. You can also change your character’s appearance. For example, you can dye his hair a different colour. You can also buy new clothes and accessories. There are many different shops in the game, some of them opened by the players themselves. You can also set up your own shop with clothes, accessories or food, so you can earn money in the game.

More bonuses

In the game every Friday you will receive a gift from the developers. These will be sent to the town’s post office. These can be the in-game currency, clothing, useful items and so on. You can keep them for yourself or give them to your friends. The game has multiplayer, so you can play with other players, exchange things and visit different places because there are many locations that are available to visit in the game.

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