FNF: Festival Triple Trouble With DDCL

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Boyfriend is happy to learn there is only one song in the new mod. But he was really confused to see three opponents. These are anime characters from Doki Doki Literature Club. And the biggest problem is that these pretty girls know how to dance. You may agree that the main hero has all reasons for being upset. It is not a joke to confront three girls at the same time! Something needs to be urgently arranged! And it is you who can help the guy outperform these treacherous adversaries.

Are you ready to prove you have excellent rhythm feeling? The algorithm is very simple – you will have to control the guy’s move. He must dance to the music, flawlessly repeating its every note. You will see four floating arrows on the screen, pointing in different direction. Press the relevant symbol to repeat the rhythm with no mistakes. If you manage to maintain your progress bar green till the very end of the song, you are the winner. But if you make too many mistakes, your energy level will fall down to zero and you will lose. Help the guy teach a good lesson to the girls and demonstrate he is still the number one dancer in the FNF universe. You are going to have lots of fun and positive emotions!

The secret of victory

To win the game you need to stick to a few rules that will make it a lot easier to win. For example, don’t press the buttons quickly. You have to press them in time. Also remember that players take turns singing, and you can only press the buttons when it’s your turn. If the difficulty of the level is not appropriate for you, you may change your difficulty level – there are three of them in the game.

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