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The farther a town is from major cities, the more secluded it is, the more strange and mystical stories can be heard from local residents. Having arrived here for the first time, the main character of the game didn’t believe in the rumors about some incredible events taking place here. She thought all this was just superstitions typical for the inhabitants of small towns.

But her calm confidence in her own safety was shattered when she was faced with truly inexplicable events. Something terrible is happening here at night. People living nearby are afraid to walk out of their houses after dark, and this is no accident. Will the girl be able to understand what she is dealing with and save her life? And what role do memories play here? Lots of unexpected plot twists are waiting for you!

The story begins

There are 4 chapters in the game that correspond to the 4 seasons. The main character’s name is Cora and she lives in a strange world where people don’t go out at night. The world slowly begins to crumble and as the world slowly fades away, she encounters old memories that manifest themselves physically. The past, present, and future are intertwined and it is already difficult to trace where reality and fiction lie or fantasy.

You need to help Cora untangle the tangle of old incidents, uncover the mysteries, and solve puzzles by trying to decide whether she wants to live in the past or in the future. Or should she stay in the present? There are plenty of clues in the game that will move the plot along. You need to look for them and interact with them.

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